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The old Cloven Hand is still well and good, but, to be honest, it's doing pretty much the same thing it was doing last month, or the month
before that... not much.

That's not to say there aren't some really cool and promising projects that you all have going... but for many of the projects that make up
the original CH crew it's been over a year since anything's move forward.

Recently I posted an ad in Craig's List and the response has been great! Authors and illustrators have come out of the woodwork with
enthusiasm and talent! There are 8 of these contributors so far, and they're what I'm calling Cloven Hand Part 2, hehe.

So, basically what I'm saying is NOW IS YOUR CHANCE! If you had a project that wasn't going anywhere for whatever reason, ask for help -
we have a lot more man power now. If you need a co-author for your script, I've got people for that, if you need a penciler for your
comic, or inker, or colorist, I've got people for that too!

So, here's where we are so far---all the new members and all the new projects:

New contributors:

Terri - Author (& colorist)
Doug - Author

Tony - Illustration
Tyler - Illustration
Bryant - Illustration
Dan - Illustration
Ben - Illustration
David - Illustration


Writer - Name - What it needs - Is it ready?

Chad - Hubris Book 2 - Illustration - Ready to go
Bree - SnufBox - Illustration - Ready to go
Monica - Snarkbyte - Illustration - Ready to go
Tyler - Upset - Color & Lettering - Ready to go
Tyler - EVE - Color & Lettering - Ready to go
Doug - Teeth of Jesus - Illustration - Ready to go
Dan - Eye of the Monkey - Color & Lettering - Ready to go
Dan - Aftermath - Color & Lettering - Ready to go
Andy G. - Necropolis - Illustration - Ready to go
Andrew - Unnamed Strip - Illustration - Ready to go
Terri - The Cleanup Crew - Illustration - Almost ready
Terri - seedling of q'dar - Illustration - Not ready
Mike - Aerth - Illustration - Not ready
Andre - King of Pain - Illustration - Not ready
Andre - Synchronicity - Illustration - Not ready
Andrew - Dismemberment - Illustration - Not ready

Terri and I are coloring EVE

Terri is converting Teeth of Jesus to script format, when it's tready, Bryant will be illustrating it.

Tyler and Dan are penciling Hubris 2

Tyler is illustrating SnarkByte/Snufbox

Dan is illustrating my Unnamed Strip (with the face/body people, hehe)

I also have a special project I've had in mind for some time... I'll spring that on you all later! :)

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